Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What I Read Wendesday: The Lady of Bolton Hill by Elizabeth Camden

Cover ImageFrom the Cover:
When Clara Endicott and Daniel Tremain’s worlds collide after twelve years apart, the spark that was once between them immediately reignites into a romance neither of them thought possible.

But time has changed them both.

Daniel is an industrial titian with powerful enemies. Clara is an idealistic journalist determined to defend underprivileged workers.

Can they withstand the cost of their convictions while their hearts – and lives – hang in the balance?

Andrea's Take:
I just love it when I get in on the ground floor of something wonderful. Well I certainly have this time!

The Lady of Bolton Hill is the debut novel of bright new author Elizabeth Camden. I read it twice. The first time, I liked it. When I didn’t review it right away, I felt I should re-read it so it would be fresh in my mind for the review.  Something changed with the second reading. I loved it!

When Daniel and Clara meet again after 12 years with absolutely no contact, they pick up where they left off.  Or so they think…

They find themselves at cross purposes. In the excitement of renewing their youthful friendship, each  underestimates the other’s resolve. Clara believes she knows “all the sides of Daniel Tremain” (p. 164), but she has no idea of the depth of his hatred against his enemy. Daniel believes Clara to be delicate and “afraid of everything from horses to speaking in public” (p. 243), and he completely discounts her faith in God. 

It is that deep-seated and unshakeable faith that gives Clara the strength – in spite of her fears – to do something that will shock your socks off. If I told you what Clara does, Elizabeth Camden would have my head. So I won’t. But I’ll tell you that when I read it, I gasped aloud (even on the second read through, when I knew it was coming).

This book is good all the way through, but the last one-third is simply riveting (I tend to think that word is over used, but truly no other will do).  After about page 200, I simply could not put it down.

One last point to cover:
Bane – The young man named Alexander Banebridge is an amazing character. I want to know more about what he does between Chapter 23 and the Epilogue…a lot more. Like, he needs his own book.

If you haven’t read this book, you should. And if you’ll come back to this blog on October 13, you’ll have a chance to win my copy. I can’t believe I’m giving it away, but I am.
Cover Image
Isn't it pretty?

Also be on the lookout in a few months for Elizabeth Camden’s second release The Rose of Winslow Street. Available for pre-order now at Barnes & Noble.

I know I can't wait for it.

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