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Interview and Christmas Giveaway: Margaret Daley

Okay, I confess, I'm not really giving away Margaret Daley. Though I'm certain any of my readers would love to take her home and benefit from her years of experience,  I'm pretty sure the shipping costs would be impractical.  :-)
But...I do have is interview with Margaret today. And, in honor of the Christmas season, I am giving away my influencer copy of her recent release From This Day Forward, a truly worthy read if I've ever read one.

 Click here to see my review. But come right back when you're done.

Without further ado (I love that phrase), I give you...Margaret Daley.

The Overcomers: Christian Authors Who Conquered Learning DisabilitiesWhat is something about you that is little known to your readers?

Up until recently I didn't talk a lot about my learning disability I've dealt with all my life. I have an auditory processing problem. I took part in a book (available on Kindle) called The Overcomers: Christian Authors Who Conquered Learning Disabilities which talks about my struggle to learn to read  (Click here for more information or to order)

I find that inspiring, particularly given your success. It seems like you truly have overcome. And thank God you did, otherwise we'd miss out on all the wonderful stories you've given us, and have yet to give us.

What was it that made you start writing stories?

As a child I loved to make up stories, especially when I was playing with my paper dolls. That's where the desire to tell stories came from.

What inspired this particular story?

I love history and romance. In fact, when I first started writing, I wrote several historical romances that never sold. It's what drew me to writing as an adult. I did later sell two historical novels, published in the secular market.

What scene in From This Day Forward stands out as your personal favorite?

There are several I really like, but the beginning is my favorite. Being in a strange country with no one to depend on and going into labor would be terrifying, especially when you are out in the forest and your cart has turned over.

That scene is an excellent example of a "hook" in my humble opinion.

Among your body of work, what would you recommend to readers as your favorite novel or your best work? 

Saving Hope is one of my favorites--a book of the heart. It will be out March 2012 from Abingdon Press. I worked with teenagers for 27 years as a high school teacher. I hate seeing people preying on the young. This book is about human trafficking.

Blurb for Saving Hope:
When a teenager goes missing from the Beacon of Hope School, Texas Ranger Wyatt Sheridan and school director Kate Winslow are forced into a dangerous struggle against a human trafficking organization. But the battle brings dire consequences as Wyatt's daughter is terrorized and Kate is kidnapped.    

Now it's personal, and Wyatt finds both his faith and investigative skills challenged as he fights to discover the mastermind behind the ring before evil destroys everyone he loves.

Wow!  It sounds very powerful. Not a light read, I'm guessing. I'll be on the look out for that one in a few months.

I notice at your website that most of your recent releases are contemporary category romances for Love Inspired and Love Inspired Suspense. From This Day Forward is a trade book. Can you outline some of the major differences between writing for category lines and writing trade size novels?

The main differences are word length and the complexities in the plot--mostly having several sub plots to support the main plot.

You certainly gave your plot twisting muscles a great workout in From This Day Forward.

What are the pros and cons of writing contemporary vs. historical novels?

Actually it really depends on what you enjoy writing and reading. With historical novels you must do a lot of research, but then when I write a romantic suspense, I have to do research often. The terms used in a historical have to be researched while what we say in a contemporary novel usually doesn't unless you have to research regional or job terminology. But ultimately it is what you want to write that is important in deciding.

As a multi-published author, what words of wisdom do you have for those of us trying to break into the writing industry?

Keep writing, even through the rejections. After I sold twenty books, I went through an eight-year dry spell. If I had given up writing, I would never have sold sixty-one more books.

Talk about prolific! Over eighty books sounds impossible at this point in my life. 

Where can readers find you on the web?

Margaret Daley, an award-winning author of more than seventy-six books, has been married for over forty years and is a firm believer in romance and love. When she isn’t traveling, she’s writing love stories, often with a suspense thread and corralling her three cats that think they rule her household.

Me again: 
Margaret also currently serves as President of American Christian Fiction Writers. In this position, I can personally testify, she is a powerful source of encouragement to writers like me who are struggling to find our own path to publication. Thank you, Margaret, for all you do.

Okay, time to see to some practicalities.  
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