Friday, January 7, 2011

So, So Sorry!!

I did an okay job "Finishing" for the first part of the week.  In fact, Monday and Tuesday, I was almost unstoppable. Taking down Christmas trees, Cleaning out (horrifying) refrigerators... (as I type this I'm thinking, "Was that really this week?" It seems like ages ago.)

Wednesday I finished the book for my book review, but I didn't get the review written.  I still don't have it written.  Wednesday evening my little girl was sick, and we ended up in Urgent Care before 7:00pm.  She was okay. It was kind of a "just in case" trip.  But I've been playing catch up ever since. 

As for Flash Fiction Friday?  Well, we just didn't do it today.

I had a brainstorm, I'll write the review, and post it next Wednesday.  My book reviews will be a week behind, but I'll have plenty of time to write them without stressing about it.  And anyhow, who would notice?  Only me.

Hopefully you all aren't dealing with sick kids at home too.  It's just no fun. : (

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