Thursday, January 27, 2011

An Apology

A wise man recently asked me if I ever get tired of apologizing (I'm always flubbing up and having to apologize). The answer is a resounding, "Yes!" But I couldn't give that answer because I knew the logical next question would be, "Then why do you keep flubbing up?" I didn't want to hear that question because it's the one I can't answer. It naturally implies that I mess up on purpose, which I don't.  But I do often mess up out of thoughtlessness and procrastination (two of my many faults). I really didn't want to have the above conversation, so I decided to skip the conversation all together and be immediately offended by the obvious implications of the initial question.

In my soul searching over the conviction I'm (stubbornly) still enduring, from this "almost" conversation, I've realized one thing for certain. As much as I do get tired of apologizing, the alternative is worse.  At least when I apologize, I'm admitting my failure.  Not apologizing would be saying that my thoughtlessness and procrastination are good, or at least acceptable things.  They are not. As long as I keep repeating the same bad behaviors, I must continue to apologize for them.

So, I will…

I am sorry for being a complete flake about my blog the past few weeks.  Since it seems I am completely incapable--at this time--of sticking to any kind of schedule, I'm scrapping it all together.  It is a goal I hope to attain.  But lately, I miss the mark more often than I hit it, so I'm erasing this mark, so to speak, so that I might concentrate more fully on some of my other marks.  I believe as I submit to God, letting him "make me good," I will use my time and energy more wisely, and this blog will rise back to the top of "the list" that He is making for my priorities.


I have read two books which I intend to review here in the near future.  It may not be for a few days because I'm down to the wire on planning my daughter's 4th Birthday party.  It's a small gathering, but I'm a terrible procrastinator (as I may have mentioned), so I have a lot of work left to do.

If you are an official follower, you will, of course, be notified when these reviews are posted.  If not, I pray you will think of me from time to time and check back (or you could become an official follower, and save yourself the trouble of checking back  : )  Thank you for your patience and prayers.  I hope not to test your loyalty too far.

In Christ,


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