Thursday, February 17, 2011

What a Beautiful Day!

Okay, I know the calendar says it's still winter until sometime late next month.

I also know winter could come screaming back and - God Forbid - bury us under inches of ice and snow again just anytime.

But let me just take this moment to praise the Lord for the beautiful weather.  Late yesterday afternoon I walked to the mailbox and heard birds singing.  Birds. Singing. In February.

Today I saw a tiny bird hopping across the bricks at the bottom of my kitchen window.

And I heard frogs. I love the sound of frogs. To me nothing says, "All is well," like the sound of frogs singing in the trees.

After weeks of being cooped up staring at the ice and snow covered world, having my windows open and breezes flowing through my house is just about the greatest blessing I can imagine.

Thank you, Lord.

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