Saturday, December 18, 2010

Flash Fiction...Saturday?

Technically, we did the Flash Fiction late Friday night, but I didn't get around to posting it until this morning, so here it is...


He leaned forward in his chair, raised a crooked finger to my face and said, “You’re gonna wanna hear this.” 

His breath smelled vaguely of liquor, and I began to doubt if he would be much of a source.  But he came highly recommended.

“The Congressman and his secretary take a cheap room across the street now and then…”

“Really? That’s your big news?” I interrupted shortly.  “I don’t want to break his carreer, I wanna make mine.  I couldn’t care less where or with whom the Congressman “takes a cheap room.”

“It’s not what it sounds like at first,” he began, rising from the seat. “But if you don’t want the scoop, you’re not the only cub I know. I’ll find me someone else.”

“Oh, alright! I’ll listen, but not for long this better get good fast.”


I haven't decided if the Congressman is doing something scandalous or if he's anonymously involved in some sort of altruistic inner city improvment endeavor.  Somebody run with it...

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