Thursday, December 16, 2010

Everyday Life

I'm afraid I may not meet my twice a week posting goal this week.  I've done the Bible Study, and made notes, but haven't had time to do the post (or, more probably, used my time wisely enough to get it done).

As you know if you've read my profile, I am a pretty lousy housekeeper, and my husband really enjoys a clean house.  This difference is often the source of tension for us, though he is very patient with me, and tries not to complain.  He really is wonderful.

Well, I've agreed to put forth a great deal more effort in the homemaking department.  I am doing a lot more domestic work and a lot less reading, writing, and blogging (that is until today).

I know that writing is an important part of my life, and God wants me to place some of my focus on it.  I also know that I have to give Him the pen and let Him write my list of priorities if I want to be successful as a wife, mother, or writer.  So, I beg your patience and your prayers (especially your prayers) as I work on this. 

I have plans for a "Christmas Memories" blog like some I've been reading.  And I haven't given up on the Christmas Bible Studies.  But, I'm not making any promises on the scheduling of any of these things.

Thanks so much for sticking with me.  You're a great audience.

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