Friday, December 3, 2010

Flash Fiction Friday

This is a new thing I'm trying with a couple of 'net buddies.  We take a writing prompt and follow it wherever it leads. Write for five minutes and post the results on our blogs. Here's mine...

The italicized piece is the prompt.

"Geez, could you warm those hands up a bit first?” Cal exclaimed, doing a funny little dance to get Rose’s hands out of the back of his shirt.
            “That’s what I’m trying to do!” Rose laughed.
            “Woman! I’m gonna buy you a pair of gloves!”
            “All right. I could use a pair, if you can’t tell.” She giggled.
            “I can tell!” he growled.
            Just then Denny came round the back of the house to the chopping block where Cal had been chopping wood when Rose interrupted him. At the  sound of Denny’s greeting, Rose dropped Cal’s hands like they were hot potatoes.
            Denny’s face turned stony. “June says supper’s ready,” he barked, then turned around and stalked back around to the kitchen door.

If you can't tell, Denny is a friend who has always carried a torch for Rose, and he's not dealing well with her new love interest.

This is a scene that may or may not occur in the last half of my current WIP. 

Tell me what you think, but be gentle.


  1. I think it's really well done. I could feel those cold hands on my back!

  2. Thanks so much. That means a lot to a beginner like me coming from such an accomplished writer.