Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Three-year-olds in church

It might surprise you how much kids actually catch in church.

My husband is pastor of our church, and he has a habit of asking the congregation, "Did God tell you to do that? Or did the devil tell you to do that?"   His point being that if we examine our actions and inclinations, it usually isn't all that hard to tell.  Well, last Sunday he listed off a few of these rhetorical questions, ending with "Did God tell you to punch that fella' in the nose? Or did the devil?"

My three-year-old, who was sitting next to me instead of grandma for a change, looked up at me and said, "I think the devil."  I was so surprised and tickled, all I could say was, "I think you're right." 

Then and there I praised God that she was paying attention in church enough to understand the question, and that she pays enough attention on a daily basis to understand the right answer.

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