Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sunday Songs: Hand in Hand With Jesus

My husband and I recently sustained a terrible shock following the sudden, violent suicide of a dear friend and mentor who once served God with rarely equaled fervor. I felt shaken and wounded, asking God, How can such a thing him of all people? And if it happened to him, once so strong and sure, could it happen to me?

God placed this song in my mind. It stayed with me for days, a constant reminder of His unfailing love. The gentle melody belies the awesome power of that Hand to protect me from an enemy who will stop at nothing to defeat me, and whom I am powerless to resist on my own.

I looked at a few performances before stumbling upon this one by the Cathedral Quartet.

This is a departure from my usual selections of Contemporary Christian songs. I hope you'll enjoy the harmony of this performance. Mostly listen to the words (I particularly like the last two lines of the chorus).

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