Thursday, July 28, 2011

I'm Still Here. I Promise!

Hello, Readers!  I entered my blog today with a broom and a dust cloth knowing I would have lots of cobwebs and dust bunnies to deal with. I've been away so long I'm ashamed. But don't you worry, I think I've got it in shape for company now.  But please, no white gloves.

Now, to the point of this post.  Have any of you ever gotten sidetracked by an interesting definition in the dictionary, and found yourself wiling away precious hours perusing through it's obscure treasures? (Please tell me it's not just me!)

If you have, I've found the perfect site for you.

Merriam-Webster's online dictionary

This is not your English teacher's dictionary.

They have a word of the day, which is very neat (today's is "gallivant").

I saw a Top 10 list of Favorite British words. This list includes the word "wonky" which I use quite frequently. I live in SW Missouri, so apparently that particular word has hopped the pond and made its way inland several miles.

The most fun thing by far, IMHO, is the Vocabulary quiz. I took it twice (No, it's not the same every time). My first score was 3480. The average for my age group was 2560 (Yes, I am bragging about how smart I am).

The second score? What second score? Oh, that second score! Now just don't worry your pretty little head about that. ; )

Check out the sight and share your Vocab score in the comments.

And be ready, I'm fixin' to get back in the swing of things around here.

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  1. I have a dictionary in every room, even the car. Because who knows when one will need it? Mainly good for saying, "Why yes, the big word I just used isn't made up and I used it correctly--flip, flip, flip--see?" At least, that's why the ones in other locales are used, the one near my computer is to make sure the big word I used is the exact nuance I want (and to check to make sure I didn't make it up :O)